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Fantasy Sports Promotions


While the rules for every game are customizable, winners of the All Star Fantasy Challenge Promotions are typically chosen by picking from a series of pre-selected players for their "team". Played on both a weekly and season ending basis, this is a great way to attract the millions of Fantasy Sports players to your casino on a regular basis!

All Star Fantasy Challenge Series options include:

Now you can run sports promotions all year long with both our Million Dollar Challenge and our All Star Fantasy Challenge Series games. Customization options may include buy are not limited to:

There's no guessing who plays Fantasy Sports. This $26 Billion industry is well researched and documented by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). According to FSTA, 82% of the players are passionate about the game or rank themselves as die-hard, and 87% share their love of the game with family, friends and co-workers.

In addition, the University of Mississippi conducts an annual research project to define the average player. The typical Player Profile is:

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