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Advertise millions in prizes throughout the year


Depending on your target audience, our games can provide Sports Fans millions of reasons to visit casinos on a regular basis. At any given time throughout the year, major sporting events are in season. This translates into 52 possible weeks per year that casinos can advertise chances to win up to a million dollars. Between our Million Dollar Challenge Series Promotions, Fantasy Sports Promotions and Specialty Promotions, Database Dynamics can provide real incentives for players to visit participating casinos on a regular basis.

Game play is FREE
Game kiosks are leased from Database Dynamics for a specified period of time. These kiosks are used by the casinos as marketing vehicles. The casinos are not responsible for giving away any grand prizes – prizes are paid out directly by Odds on Promotions, SCA or the insurance company of your choosing. All non-instant winners are notified by email.

Choose a game for the demographic of your choice

Database Dynamics offers a wide range of game kiosks that can be rented for the casino floor. Our games include:

Million Dollar Challenge Series Promotions

All Star Fantasy Challenge Series Promotions

Swipe & Win Specialty Promotions 

Contact us today to request more information about the full line of Database Dynamics products and services.