Do Your Games Require Access To Our Back-End System?

No, our proprietary software allows our games to run without any interaction to your back-end system saving your IT Department valuable time and effort while not having to pay your back-end provider to allow us access.

Do We Have To Buy Your Kiosks?

No, we lease our kiosks to you for the length of the contract.

Who Is Responsible If Your Kiosks Need Repair?

We take care of all necessary repairs if any of the hardware on our kiosks malfunction.

Are We Solely Responsible For Setting Up The Rules For Each Promotion?

No, we will gladly help you will all aspects of setting up the rules for each promotion as well as suggesting to you what payouts and marketing strategies work best for each promotion.

Do You Have An Employee Version Of Each Promotion?

Yes, in fact we highly recommend getting your employees involved. The more your employees can interact with your guests about the promotion, the more your customers become involved.

Can Any Of Your Promotions Offer A $1,000,000 Grand Prize To Help Increase Player Involvement?

Absolutely! We currently are partnered to SCA Gaming and Odds On Promotions and we can handle obtaining any Grand Prize Insurance amount up $5,000,000.

Who Owns The Data You Collect From Each Play/Player?

You do! Database Dynamics does not keep, share or sell any information to anyone. All data is the sole property of your casino. That includes names, email addresses and SMS data captured for all play on any of our promotions.