At Database Dynamics, our promotions make sports fans move their feet, not their thumbs.  We are all centered in the real world while connected to the on-line world, helping brick-and-mortar gaming operators, casinos, race tracks, and sports stadiums to differentiate their real life venues from on-line operators.
We help you continue to build face-to-face customer experience with the largest possible audience of engaged, informed and excited sports fans.

We help casinos attract a new, upwardly mobile demographic that will be  loyal customers.  We generate qualified marketing leads from these huge demographics – and provide you with the means to cross-market other casino activities and events.

Convenient and accessible, casino visitors can play at our kiosks or through mobile interfaces found throughout the casino.

Wayne Schonfeld

Wayne Schonfeld

President - CEO

Wayne Schonfeld founded Database Dynamics August 16, 2011. He has grown the company to be the nationwide leader in the gaming industry. Wayne has developed a reputation of creating promotions that are both innovative and captivating, keeping casino customers engaged in every promotion.

In 2020, Wayne created the Athlete Ambassador Program, a promotion that brings sports fans to your casino using Hall of Fame athletes.  Our Athlete Ambassadors endorse and promote your promotion using their social media platforms as well as contributing their name and likeness for promoting the game.

In 2022, Wayne is proud to introduce the Free-2-Play “Pick the Props” promotion. .  “Pick the Props” is the only promotion in the casino industry that mimics sports bets and is designed to teach, educate and engage your players on betting at your Sportsbook. Our unique prizes encourage daily free play, creating comfort in betting sports that your players don’t normally bet. This new program also has Hall of Fame players holding seminars at your casino that explain how to bet all the major sports as well as inside tips to becoming a profitable sports bettor. It’s soon to become an industry standard!

Bill Smith

Bill Smith


Bill Smith has been creating innovative technologies for the casino industry since 2010. Before joining Database Dynamics, Bill and his team re-created one of the industry’s fastest growing casino cash advance systems, transacting billions of dollars annually.  Bill and his team have developed the player’s club apps for one of SoCal’s leading tribal casinos, as well as mobile gaming apps, virtual reality and e-sports casino experiences.

Bill sees the Database Dynamics’ products as a synergy of excitement, engagement and enticement all coming together to encourage repeat play.  He is excited to begin building on the Database Dynamics promotional platform, creating new tools for casinos (any real world venue) to delight customers and build lifelong connections to their brands.

Casino Kiosk Manufacturing Plant

Finding Us

Database Dynamics offices conveniently share a building with our manufacturing partner FABCON. 

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