Athlete Ambassador

Superstar and Hall of Fame athletes from all sports add power to your promotions. Personal appearances, licensed names, images and likeness are included to add buzz create remarkable promotions.
Athletes post to their social media followers to attend your casinos and play their promotion.

Our network of superstar athletes draw from both professional and college stars to ensure that we have hometown heroes for every region in the USA.

The typical 3-Hour appearance includes a monologue, Q&A and personal meet & greet.

Custom appearances are designed for your special VIP experience to suit your needs.

Athletes will autograph 20 custom framed and/or encased memorabilia (Jerseys, Balls, Helmets, etc.) to be used as giveaways during the promotion.

Our Athlete Ambassadors empower casinos to deliver lifetime memories that money cannot buy.

The Cheer Squad is also available to provide greeting services, hands on instruction & crowd management to ensure the smooth operation of your events.