Success Stories

Story 10

Since 2011, Database Dynamics has captured more than 2 Million entries from over 580,000 unique players coast-to-coast. We’ve also averaged just over 90% email captured on “email optional” promotions.

Story 9

This unnamed casino saw a 2.45% increase of carded play and an additional $79.11 casino win per carded player during the promotion.

Story 8

Post promotion, 44.6% of the new carded players returned to the casino during the promotion and delivered an additional $155.56 casino win, per carded player, during the Database Dynamics promotion.

Story 7

Tachi Palace states that over 16,000 games played were played throughout the promotion, and over 20% of players played 4 or more times.

Story 6

This unnamed Casino realized a 9.1 x return on investment and an additional $150,000 win from new customers in the 14 weeks following their Database Dynamics promotion.

Story 5

Coushatta Casino realized a 126% increase in participation over the previous year’s similar promotion. They also recorded an average of 225 additional new carded players weekly, through the first 9 weeks of football season.

Story 4

During their Database Dynamics promotion, this casino in the eastern United States captured over 25,000 new email addresses from 28,500+ unique players.

Story 3

With Database Dynamics, Muckleshoot Casino recorded over 225 additional new players per week during the Database Dynamics event.

Story 2

An unnamed group on the east Coast, with promotions across multiple casinos, reported over 157,000 entries by 45,000 unique players. They also stated that 7,354 of those played a minimum of five times. Across all properties, this group saw that 87% of all carded...

Story 1

With a noticeable increase in floor traffic, FireKeepers Casino states that they realized a 10% increase in overall casino spend during the time of the promotion.